Individual Graze Boxes


This item includes Individual Graze Box

3 Artisan Cheeses
1 Style of Crackers
1 Cured Meat
Dried and Candied Fruit
Fresh Local and Seasonal Fruit
Gourmet Nuts
Fresh Flowers and Herbs

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Artisan Cheeses
Cured Meat
Fresh Fruit
Dried and Candied Fruit
Something Sweet
Local Honey Packet
Fresh Flowers and Herbs

Wine Pairing SuggestionIf you are looking for a wine pairing, we’d suggest a Pinot Noir.  You can find one here from MWM and pick it up along with your grazing box at the McKinney store.

These individual Charcuterie Boxes are perfect for you to share as an appetizer, serve at a baby shower or wedding party, and are COVID friendly as they aren’t presented in buffet style format.

If you want to really step up your presentation of this Individual Graze Box, add a Serving Board from our custom shop and you’ll forever be known as a true entertainer!